Remember when he helped a grandma?

September 24, 2015
Remember when he helped a grandma?
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Wed, October 7, 2015
Good god...
This is something :D

Poor grandma. Should have waited like he told her...
Thu, April 7, 2016
What would have been a classic, gruesome punchline did not land due to staging and background work. While the stylized background is fun, when an element of the geography, like a crosswalk, is the set up to the joke, the lack of it being clearly seen does not allow the joke to land. Beyond that, just mentioning traffic and drawing no cars just does not work.

A lot of that could have been fixed in the first two panels by establishing more of the background by drawing a curb, sidewalk, crosswalk, what have you.

As far as stick figures go. They're nice and expressive and detailed enough to work well enough. Though as with any stick-figure comic one has gotta ask, is the dude naked? Why is he not wearing clothes with the old lady is?