Remember that one Halloween?

October 31, 2015
Remember that one Halloween?
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Author Notes:

Sat, October 31, 2015
Happy Halloween, everyone!!!


Sat, October 31, 2015
Seems even the Moon does not approve of such travesty D:
Sat, November 14, 2015
So there's good and then there's perfection. I ♡ you guys.
Thu, April 7, 2016
As much as children suck and I enjoy a good punchline of them being eaten, I think the comic stretched the concept too long. You could have easily nailed the whole comic in three panels and it would have felt far punchier. By trying to fit the concept with the theme of the good guy trying to be helpful you've kind of forced yourself to pad out a far simpler joke to fit a format.
Wed, July 13, 2016
Why so serious? :D