Remember the good ol' days?

October 4, 2015
Remember the good ol' days?
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Sun, October 4, 2015
Sun, October 4, 2015
She looks so cute jumping through the water.
Wed, October 7, 2015
This says a lot about how clean our water supply is...
Always drink at home!
Thu, October 15, 2015
Cookie Waffle
These comics are freaking glorious omfg
Thu, April 7, 2016
The storytelling nature of this one could have been sold a little better through some coloring of the flashback panels, something with a sepia or grey tone to indicate we are seeing into the past.

Herein lies the basic problem with stick-figures... you end up repeating some designs. The girl playing in the water is somehow present when the guy is an old man. I know it is not the same little girl, but at first glance they're 99% identical. Even swapping a dress color would have helped quite a bit.

That being said, panel 3 is one of the best I have seen in the comic so far. There is some decent depth to the panel, the reflective aspect of the water, while simplified, is highly effective, and we get a sense of fore, mid, and background in that panel.